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Суббота, 08 Августа 20
Главная » 2011 » Январь » 1 » Spanish Armored Cruiser "INFANTA MARÍA TERESA"
Spanish Armored Cruiser "INFANTA MARÍA TERESA"

This ship wad sunk in the battle of Santiago de Cuba, during the Spanish - American (USA) War, in 1898, this battle, was the most important of the War in Cuba and finished with the destruction of the Spanish Atlantic Fleet and had as conclusion the lost of the last Spanish Colonies in America, Cuba and Puerto Rico.
At the same time, the American fleet surrendered to the Spanish in the Philippines ( at the moment Spanish Dominion). As in consequence, Spain loosed its former vaste Empire and almost completely the Overseas Fleet.
The Spanish-American War, was declared by the Americans to Spain, taking as an excuse or pretext the blowing-up of the American Battleship "MAINE" in the harbour of La Havana, during a courtesy visit of the Americam Fleet to Cuba, The explosion of the MAINE, was made by themselves (the crew) to have a powerful reason to declare the war to Spain and take Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines, The possesion of USA over Puerto Rico still at the present an Philippines till 1.945, only Cuba got the Independenceat the beginning of the XXth Century.
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